I am

A Believer
A Wife
A Mom
A Chef
And Artist

Lindsey Rollings

Before launching my career in all things cupcakes, I always felt my true calling was in leading and inspiring others. My journey in life stayed true to my passions & convictions, as I felt lead by God to pursue a career in corporate America. A 14 year career that took me places I never imagined possible. Physically, mentally, spirituality & emotionally, gaining a huge family along the way. 

In 2016, however, I heeded God's call to follow my dreams and turn my passions into a new career. A new path. A new way to lead and inspire others. It was then that I leaped, my incredibly supportive family in tow, with no parachute at all, having faith that God would provide & light the path beneath my feet. 

Staying true to my roots and the words "Fearfully and wonderfully made" on my heart, Simply Cupcakes was born. "Simply" inspired by my family roots of farm to table. Simple living. It's very important to me to focus on providing simply prepared fresh ingredients. I take great pride in partnering with local farmers in my home town to create the highest quality products.
In 2018, we evolved to Butter + Whisk offering a sweet expanded menu. While cupcakes remain the heart of our little business because of course that’s where it all began, you can now also enjoy beautifully crafted & farm fresh cakes, cake jars, designer cookies, krispies, meringues, cookies + so much more.

It's always important to me that my customers feel like family. That they have an incredible experience. The details mattering most. I put a piece of my heart into each sweet. Each and every box that leaves our shop is made with love and we are so thankful for the opportunity to take part in each + every special occasion! 

Through this gift, my baking and edible art designs, I pray I am able to lead and inspire others to chase their own dreams. With God all things are possible!  

Thank you for shopping small and choosing Butter + Whisk... THIS is a dream come true!


#Sweet tidbits

chocolate chip cookies are my favorite dessert

#Sweet tidbits

Krispy squares or chocolate?

krispy for sure!

#Sweet tidbits

one of my favorite childhood treats...

#Sweet tidbits

Cake or cupcakes?

CAKE for me please.

#Sweet tidbits

Coffee or tea?

Did someone say coffee?