Frozen Yogurt Bars – Little Chef Recipe

Frozen Yogurt Bars

These are the perfect combination of sweet, creamy and tangy. Super refreshing and perfect for snack time or dessert. Your family will swoon over these. Whip up this healthy treat and keep a stash in the freezer at all times.

Fruit Yogurt Bar Ingredients:

Large container (32 oz) favorite yogurt

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup red raspberries


You can use any of your favorite fruits for the above ingredients list.


Breakfast Cereal Bar Ingredients:

Large container (32 oz) favorite yogurt

1 cup favorite cereal


What to do:

Using a mold (I have a Pampered Chef Snack Bar Mold) pour your yogurt evenly in the mold, top each bar with your favorite fruits, cereals or granola (combinations are endless). Freeze for at least 3 hours or until frozen solid.


Chef Notes:

Don’t have a mold? That’s ok! You can use a cake pan or cupcake pan. Just line with parchment paper and pour in your yogurt, add your toppings and freeze. For square or rectangle cake pans, remove by pulling up on your parchment paper then slice into piece, serve & Enjoy.



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