Food Art Creation – Little Chef Recipe

Food Art Creations

Who says you can’t play with your food and eat it too?! Make lunch or snack time super fun (and sneak more fruits + veggies in their diet) with these silly face printouts.

How excited are your little ones going to be when you tell them they get to play with their food. EEEEEEK! Really? You mean it? Yes! Let’s create Little Chef, the possibilities are endless.

We are including 6 silly face printouts to make this food adventure more interesting.

You can find each print out here.

Food Art Card1 Food Art Card2 Food Art Card3 Food Art Card4 Food Art Card5 Food Art Card6


Frog Food Art : Sliced Grapes, strawberries, cheese (we turned Food Art Card #6 upside down)

Food Art Card Instructions:

  1. Print 1 or print all 6 Food Art Cards
  2. Cover each card. We laminated our cards, but you can put each card in a gallon ziplock bag. Or cover the Food Art Card with cling wrap (I recommend taping the cling wrap to your counter to keep it in place).
  3. Gather ingredients for Food Art fun, and enjoy!


What we used to create an Owl:



  1. Food Art Card #2
  2. Apple Slices (glasses)
  3. Raspberries (hair bow or bow tie)
  4. Kiwi (ears)
  5. Carrots (beak + feet)
  6. Turkey lunch meat (body)


The possibilities are endless. Your little chef will find so much inspiration from ingredients in your kitchen. Let the fun begin!

Make sure to share your creations with us using #butterandwhisklittlechef



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