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Life is too short…

Standing on my soap box for a moment on this Tip Tuesday. I’m fired up… more so at myself than anything else, but thought it worth sharing. Back track for just a sec… what does that really even mean “standing on a soap box” I mean where did it come from?! I’m gonna have to research that. Ok, moving forward. Sharing the thing.

I was at the Dollar Store with my daughter grabbing some candy and we walked over to get a couple cards. She loves to read through the greeting cards as much as I do. Anyway, she comes across a random card and looks up at me, as she’s putting the card back on the shelf, and says “Mom we should get this for Daddy sometime!” Something washed over me in that moment. Yes baby girl, you should get that card for your daddy, but not sometime… you should get it right now.

Friends, it was a moment I would replay in my mind 1,000 times over.

How many times had I done exactly that, put it back on the shelf, or thought I’ll call later?! It’s was a $0.99 card, it had five simple words printed on the front “Thinking of you my friend” and there was absolutely no occasion at all to give her daddy a card. But seriously, does there have to be?!

I told her on the ride home that this life is far far too short to ever say I’ll get daddy a card “sometime.” That in those moments that someone crosses your mind, you should absolutely buy the card, or pick up the phone, send a text, an email, snail mail, pigeon courier, whatever works best for you. BUT don’t make the mistake of waiting till “sometime” or when there is an occasion “worthy” of a card. Just do it!

A simple “Thinking of you” message costs you absolutely nothing, but could mean EVERYTHING to someone else.

We are never promised tomorrow, so use the fine China for breakfast with your kids, wipe your hands on the cloth napkins & buy the card.

Oh and the inside of the card read… “there’s no reason for this card… I was just hoping to bring a smile to your busy day!”

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