Butter & Whisk July Update

Wow has this summer been a sweet one!

We’re two camps in to our Summer Kids’ Baking Camps and it’s been an absolute blast.

From watermelon bark to cookies and cupcakes, the sweet treats have been endless and the smiles, hard to beat.

Here are some of our favorite moments:

Welcoming our little campers into our home. We had been anticipating the first camp for months and couldn’t wait to see how all of the details came together for the big day. Our little bakers came ready to bake and excited to taste their creations.

Day 1: We take on watermelon bark.

Day 2: We create the most delicious cookies

Day 3: We craft delicious cupcakes or cake pops (continuing our melon theme, of course).

Day 4: Cake practice day! We prep for our big day.

Day 5: We bring to life  our interpretations of “One in a melon” theme cake to present to their families (our studio audience).

The bad news is that we wrap up our last two camps this month, but the good news is that we have three spots left in our final camp, so your little one can still join!


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