The Story Behind our “You Take the Cake” Program

For small business owners, it’s so important to remember your “why.”

When you experience inevitable tough days and think “is it all worth it,” it’s your “why” that keeps you going.

One cake of 2018 brought my “why” to the forefront of my creative cake-making process more than any cake I’d I’ve ever had the opportunity to create before.

At the end of 2018, I wrote:

My heart is so full as I sit down to reflect on the year and write this note. 
I often see accounts collage their most popular posts of the year, but the more I thought about it one cake stood 

out more in my mind & in my heart than any other. Not because it was my most popular post, my most liked photo or even the photo that received the most comments. One cake… a very special cake.It was an order that carried more weight than I ever imagined. A weight I would carry for several weeks as I worked through the details of the design. I was in a season of doubt, a season of lost direction and I prayed fervently for guidance for my business.

I found myself in tears every single time I thought about the design of the cake, the man it would be created for or his beautiful wife & children. A cake for a gentleman I would never have the privilege of meeting. He would never know how God used his story to give me mine. He would never know that as I walked towards the car that day, placing his cake inside with more care than ever before, that I would hear God so clearly say, THIS is what I’ve called you for.

19 short days after I created his cake, God called him home. I could have never imagined the impact a single phone call, one from a wife that wanted to surprise her husband with a one of a kind cake, could have on my life and the legacy I had hoped to create.

If I had to sum up my year in one photo or give it one word, it would be this story, that moment, and this word… PURPOSE. The photo I received weeks later of him and his cake sits proudly in my office. A constant reminder of my purpose.

This is what sets my soul on fire!

I’ve thought back to this cake numerous times over the last few months. I’ve glanced at the photo in my office and I’ve come to the realization that more cakes should be shared over moments and stories like these.

With that in mind, I’ve created our You Take the Cake program. This program will allow us to gift a one of a kind cake to 1-2 deserving people a month. Nominate someone you feel is deserving, share their story, and help us give the gift of sweetness.


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