Hello world!

Oh haaaay there! Thanks for stopping by. I am Lindsey, and welcome to Butter + Whisk!

As you can imagine I am obsessed with all things sweet. That’s mostly what you will find here. With a little bit of my crazy life as a wife, mom of 2 and a small business owner thrown in the mix. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to be in the kitchen. The smells. The warmth. The excitement of possibilities. I can even remember the first time my mom let me buy fondant and bake a cake all by myself. I made a little vanilla (boxed) cake with pink & blue fondant flowers. It was a cake design I had seen on Food Network I’m sure. My love for Food Network was strong even back then. Never the less, I was so proud of it & wouldn’t let anyone cut it. Hehe!

While my designs and my recipes have changed quite a bit since then, my love & childlike passion for baking certainly have not. Being in the kitchen now however, with my little ones, brings a whole new meaning and purpose to my baking. I pray these are sweet memories (pun intended) they will forever carry with them.

As you will find here I keep my recipes simple and my ingredients fresh. I want the farm fresh ingredients I use to really shine through. I offer mostly classic flavors with a few new recipes thrown in here & there.

My designs, however, are unique to every client and no two are ever the same. I am a modern artist at heart & believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I really love thinking outside the design box and creating a truly unique experience for every client. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my gifts for Gods glory.

Thank you again for stopping by! Happy Baking friends!







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